2003-2019 toyota & lexus 4x4 and 4x2 bolt-on front wheel bearing assemblies

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Complete front wheel bearing hub assembly including seal and axle bolts


who we are

2003-2019 Toyota & Lexus 4x4 and 4x2 Complete BOLT-ON Front Hub Wheel Bearing Assemblies

  My name is Andy Taylor and I have over 25 + years in automotive service management, including 7 years as a Service Manager for Toyota Dealerships. In the fall of 2011, the right front wheel bearing on my 2003 Toyota 4Runner started making noise. Knowing how important maintenance is to having a safe vehicle, I started looking for a complete front wheel bearing assembly, and to my surprise, no one manufactured a complete assembly.... so I decided to manufacture High Quality Complete Bolt-on TOYOTA 4x4 and 4x2 KOYO OEM bearing front wheel assemblies so the DIY could easily change their front wheel bearings at home and save money.  

why purchase from bluepitbearings.com?


 Joe Bacal
Pro Driver / Coordinator

“Andy and BluePitBearings, saved me big time when I needed front hubs for my FJ Cruiser for a big event I was attending for Toyota. His service is 5 stars and the product was a breeze to install. No press needed here! I also like the fact that the products are high in quality. I come from the Toyota development side and understand quality control as well as production assembly. I would absolutely recommend BluePitBearings to any of you needing complete hubs for your Toyota. I also would have no problem throwing them on my race Lexus LX570 for a Baja 1000 run." 

Joe Bacal - 3 Time Baja 1000 Champion and former Toyota Factory Development Driver 


BLUEPITBEARINGS.COM makes the BEST TOYOTA bolt-on front wheel bearing assemblies TOYOTA SUVs and Pickups, PERIOD.

- Andy Taylor, Owner

Not only does 3 time BAJA 1000 Champion Joe Bacal use our front wheel bearing assemblies, but several TOYOTA engineers that actually make the Tacomas and Tundras also use them on their personal vehicles. Also, 4WD Toyota Owner Magazine use our Bluepitbearings.com Toyota 4X4 Front Wheel bearing assemblies on their vehicles as seen from the featured article of their July/August 2018 issue. 

What We Do

1. Bluepitbearings.com invented selling the Complete Bolt-on front wheel bearing assemblies for late model Toyota SUVs and Pickups to the public.

2. At Bluepitbearings.com I make EACH front wheel bearing assembly by hand using American made Precision Electric Hydraulic Presses that cost THOUSANDS of dollars EACH, unlike others who use Harbor Freight presses made in China that cost $100.

3. Bluepitbearings.com is the ONLY company whose sole purpose is manufacturing late model Toyota 4x4 and 4x2 front wheel bearing assemblies.

4. All Bluepitbearings.com assemblies have a 1 year UNLIMITED mileage warranty on the bearing.

5. Bluepitbearings.com has sold THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of Toyota 4x4 and 4x2 KOYO OEM Bearing front wheel bearing assemblies to 5 Continents with ZERO warranty claims.

6. I buy Japanese KOYO bearings and Japanese TZK hubs (Japanese steel is much better and stronger than Chinese and Taiwanese steel) from the Japanese manufacturers by the HUNDREDS and sometimes THOUSANDS! TZK is a Japanese OEM manufacturer that manufactures OEM hubs for Toyota, Nissan, and Mazda. I also use Toyota OEM parts for our axle bolts, O-ring, oil seal, and cotter pins. See below the list of Toyota SUVs and Pickups for which we manufacture complete bolt-on front wheel bearing assemblies. BLUEPITBEARINGS.COM CURRENTLY HAS OVER 800 TOYOTA KOYO OEM BEARING FRONT WHEEL BEARING ASSEMBLIES IN STOCK, WITH ANOTHER 400 KOYO BEARINGS AND TZK HUBS ON THEIR WAY FROM JAPAN, DUE TO ARRIVE AT THE BEGINNING OF JULY 2018!


7. Buyers beware of fake counterfeit KOYO bearings, Google Counterfeit KOYO bearings and fake KOYO bearings. Some individuals and companies are selling complete Toyota KOYO front hub bearing assemblies for a little over the retail price of the KOYO bearing alone on Ebay and forums among other places. How can they do that? THEY CAN'T!!! Some people claim they purchase KOYO bearings direct from the factory in Japan, but as seen below in my pics, I prove that I purchase direct from KOYO in Japan by the labels seen on the pallets of the KOYO boxes. To learn more about fake KOYO bearings follow this link for a JTEKT KOYO article. Follow this link for another JTEKT KOYO article

How to purchase

 It's really simple:

  1. Go to our products page.
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  3. Choose your Toyota model.
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