Simple Install Quality Parts

 Our complete front hub wheel bearing assemblies are built from OEM Toyota hardware and high quality Japanese hubs. The hubs are manufactured in Japan by a leading OEM Japanese manufacturer that uses high quality Japanese steel.

It cost more to make the assemblies, but at We do not cut corners or try to sell inferior parts.

Everyone knows that fixing your vehicle is cheaper when you do it yourself. However, sometimes the need for specialty tools or sourcing the multitude of components makes this process complicated. Our solution is simple. We've sourced every high quality component and did the complicated part of pressing the bearing into the housing. You would normally need to go to a local dealership or service shop and pay a high rate for them to press the bearings in. 



Warranty and Shipping Policy

Each assembly has a 12 month warranty on the KOYO bearing.

Shipping is FREE via Fedex in 48 states. And FREE shipping via the USPS (U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail) to Alaska, Hawaii, and ALL U.S. territories.